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This covers your vehicles from potential risks financially. Policyholder's car or two wheeler is provided financial security against damages arising out of accidents and other threats. The policy provides Comprehensive insurance cover on various motor vehicles, owned by you including an indemnity in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act 1945. Motor Insurance Consist of Private and Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Private Car Insurance: This class of insurance covers personal car owners using their car for personal use. Commercial Car Insurance: This covers people who own taxis or use their car for commercial purposes. Our comprehensive motor insurance cover will provide some additional extended coverage and unique features which you will not find in the basic comprehensive motor insurance policies available in the market.

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This is a policy that brings together all the various vehicle types (i.e. cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles etc.) under a single contract. It eliminates the problem of multiplicity of insurers, as the policy will be placed with one insurer. This policy covers both private and commercial automobiles.

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